S.N. Réalt na Mara, Rosses Point, Co. Sligo, Ireland.

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Green Schools


Ethan, Harry, Luke and Paul - 5th Class

We have been awarded six green flags and we take pride in each one.Our most recent award was in May 2016. “Green schools” is known internationally as eco-schools, it is a long term project which helps children to make this world a cleaner place. Over 80% of all Irish schools are participating in the green schools project.
We have a really big yard and a football pitch and they are completely immaculate. Over the years we have worked on different themes as part of our Green Schools Programme. The first theme for Green School was Litter and Waste, then Energy, then Water and now we're learning about Transport.

Click here to read our Green School Code

Last year we did cycle training and we learned about road safety when you are cycling. During the year we have being trying to cut down on the vehicles used to get to the school. We have been car-pooling, cycling, taking the bus and most importantly walking.

We do our best to reduce, reuse and recycle. Every class has a compost bin. Apple cores, banana skins and teabags from the staff room go into the compost bin. Every class recycles milk cartons, paper and plastic bottles. We are collecting old mobile phones for the Jack & Jill foundation and if we get 300 we will get a interactive whiteboard for another classroom in our school. We also collect batteries from the whole commnunity for recycling. We are a very green school as you can see if you come to visit us here at Réalt na Mara.

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